Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2022 | Circle of Excellence

Thomas Speidel, Dr. Torsten Ochs, both ADS-TEC Energy and Stefan Reichert, Fraunhofer ISE, were nominated for Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2022 and congratulate this year's award winners.

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ADS-TEC Energy -
Who we are

A global leader

ADS-TEC Energy has more than ten years of experience in decentralized battery-buffered energy systems. The exceptionally high depth of development results in highly efficient products and far-reaching digital and physical service offerings. Our battery management systems, power inverters, thermal management and control systems provide complete data access, monitoring and physical control.
Our customers appreciate that their investment is accompanied by a specialist over long periods of time and in all matters. In this way, TCO, functionality and availability can be optimized in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Tailor made “Ultra-fast-charging” everywhere

Our very special battery-integrated ultra-high-power charging family ChargeBox, ChargePost and ChargeTrailer offer charging capabilities within minutes for any EV, up to 320kW even if the power in your local electrical grid can’t provide the requested capacity. This saves the expenses of electrical network expansion and takes significantly less space and time to deploy. Providing ultra-fast charging everywhere, makes EV driving at least as convenient as driving is today.

Wide-Ranging Solutions

Our platforms are based on an intelligent battery storage and management system which makes decentralized structures uniquely flexible to both quickly absorb and release energy as needed, rather than as local power is available. The applications are manifold in the areas of mobility, industry, commerce, infrastructure, and residential.

ADS-TEC Energy PLC is a public limited company incorporated in Ireland and listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “ADSE”. ADS-TEC Energy GmbH is the direct, wholly-owned German subsidiary of ads-tec Energy PLC, and ads-tec Energy Inc. is the wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of ads-tec Energy GmbH. ADS-TEC Energy is drawing on more than ten years of experience with lithium-ion technologies, storage solutions and fast charging systems, including the corresponding energy management systems. Its battery based fast charging technology enables electric vehicles to ultrafast charge even on low powered grids and features a very compact design. The high quality and functionality of the battery systems are due to a particularly high depth of development and in-house production. With its advanced system platforms, ADS-TEC Energy is a valuable partner for automotive, OEMs, utility companies, and charge-operators.


Our vision is to accelerate the transition to a CO2 neutral, all-electric and intelligent energy system by our products and services.

Management Team

Our management team consists of experts with a long professional background. Together, we share the vision of ADS-TEC Energy on which we focus all our actions. Our common goal is to accelerate the transition to an all-electric world by providing innovative technologies for EV charging.

Thomas Speidel

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Thomas is the Founder and CEO of ADS-TEC Energy. After completing his studies at the University of Stuttgart with diploma as electronic engineer he has taken over the family-owned ADS-TEC business 1998 from his father who founded the initial company in 1980. Thomas is since end of the nineties CEO of the company and started ADS-TEC Energy within the ADS-TEC Group. He has decades of executive experience with sophisticated industrial goods and services for the B2B market, e.g. with industrial IT-solutions, automation engineering and battery storage solutions. Furthermore, he is President of the German Energy Storage Systems Association (BVES Bundesverband Energiespeicher Systeme e.V.) in Berlin. Thomas is also a member of the Fraunhofer ISE Board of Trustees. He is involved in key committees and associations in the energy sector and maintains close relations with companies and research institutions along the entire value chain.

Wolfgang Breme

Chief Financial Officer

Since July 2022, Wolfgang has served as Chief Financial Officer of the ADS-TEC Energy Group. He has extensive international experience in the financial management of technology-oriented mechanical and plant engineering companies, including more than 20 years as Financial Board Member and Chief Financial Officer. As a member of the Executive Board, he was responsible for Finance and Administration at AIXTRON SE (FSE: AIXA) for almost a decade. He also held CFO positions at technotrans SE, AVENTICS (formerly Bosch Rexroth Pneumatics) and the Skeleton Technologies Group. Wolfgang has many years of management and capital market experience in an international environment and M&A expertise and is familiar with the challenges of the volatile project business in high-tech mechanical and plant engineering.

Robert Vogt

Chief Accounting Officer

Since April 2021, Robert has served as Chief Accounting Officer of ADS-TEC Energy. He has more than ten years of international experience worked in senior business, commercial and financial roles for the Bosch Group around the world. Most recently he was the CEO of Bosch Thermotechnology in Czech Republic. Robert holds a diploma with distinction in business administration from Technical University of Ingolstadt.

Hakan Konyar

Chief Production Officer

Hakan spent 23 years at Robert Bosch GmbH in different functions and in both automotive and non-automotive divisions. He started his career in diesel development and moved internally to manufacturing. He worked twice abroad, including three years in Charleston, South Carolina in the U.S. and four years in Miskolc, Hungary. Hakan has extensive expertise in health & safety, environment, quality management and manufacturing processes and systems, including digitalizing manufacturing, production systems, highly automated high-volume production at high-cost locations, high-variance production as well as low automated production in low-cost locations across the entire supply chain. Most recently, as assignment prior to his current role at ads-tec Energy GmbH as Vice President Technical Plant and Site, Hakan served as site manager at Bosch Thermotechnology‘s largest plant in Germany. Hakan holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University Esslingen, Germany.

Dr. Thorsten Ochs

Chief Technology Officer

Thorsten has two decades of international executive experience with a focus on research, technology and product development. At Robert Bosch GmbH, he has worked for nearly two decades in various leadership positions in different business units and R&D. For the last 10 years he held numerous leadership positions in the area of battery technology, e.g. he currently serves as CTO of the ads-tec Energy GmbH, he has served as CEO and President of Seeo Inc, a solid state battery technology company in the USA and as Vice President at Robert Bosch GmbH responsible for establishing the international Strategic Program High Energy Battery Technology. Thorsten holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Max-Planck Institute for metal research, Stuttgart and University of Stuttgart.

Sebastian Schypulla

Chief Purchase & Logistics Officer

Sebastian spent more than ten years at Porsche AG and has held various positions in the procurement. Prior to his current role at ADS-TEC Energy as Chief Purchase & Logistics Officer, Sebastian served as Manager General Procurement in the Operating Material & Charging Infrastructure division. He holds a diploma in Business Administration from the Technical University of Dresden, where he was Member & Executive Vice-President of the Erasmus Initiative for almost two years.

John Neville

Chief Sales Officer

As Chief Sales Officer, John is responsible for all Global Sales and Service functions across the company. John joined ADS-TEC Energy in August of 2021. John has a wealth of experience including Corporate Strategy and Executive Sales roles leading the deployment of emerging market infrastructure. He has worked extensively with the world’s largest service providers, leading cable operators and innovative technology companies. Prior to joining ADS-TEC Energy, John served in Senior Management roles at Adtran, Ericsson, Verizon, Nortel, Terremark Worldwide, Honeywell-Bull/Cox Cable and Digital Equipment Corporation. He also served on the commercial advisory boards of Fortress Solutions and ICOMM. John holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southern Methodist University. He was also a member of the Columbia University (New York) advanced telecommunications executive program and the University of Virginia executive program in business management, marketing, and related support services.

Our partners

Meet our partners. They share our mission to accelerate the all-electric economy by scaling up the battery-buffered, ultrafast charging technology that make that possible. If you’d like to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Smart City Capital

Smart City Capital specializes in turnkey smart infrastructure projects that eliminate the adoption barriers delivering impact/ESG investing, public private partnerships, and long term economic development growth through innovative business models, master integration and service bundling. SCC invests, builds and manages a diverse range of Smart City, infrastructure & QOZ projects to support sustainable economic development. In all its work, SCC’s goal is to create inclusive, smart city project accelerators.


See press release     About smart city capital

Polar Structure

ADS-TEC Energy and Polar Structure have entered into a Joint Venture Agreement under which Polar will be the preferred strategic distributor of ADS-TEC Energy technology platforms in the Nordic region. Polar Structure is an evergreen infrastructure investor that focuses on long-term ownership of infrastructure related assets and companies across Europe with a holistic approach. We develop and manage sustainable infrastructure for the future and believe in the power of new technology and innovation to enable a green transition, drive long-term growth and a positive impact in society. In 2020, Polar Structure also started a foundation that supports social infrastructure development and research.

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GP Groot

GP Groot BV provides diversified services in the areas of infrastructure, environment, waste, consulting and energy. GP Groot offer services throughout the Netherlands. It is a wholesaler of fuels, gas and lubricants, operates filling stations and provides fuel card services. With the brand concepts Argos, Total Energies and NXT, more than 60 manned and unmanned filling stations are supplied and operated. Since 1917, the family business has grown into a company with more than 1,100 employees. With a mission to work towards a circular, energy-neutral and climate-proof future, GP Groot offering include solutions for industrial waste, sustainable energy and sustainable mobility.


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The ADS-TEC Energy team is growing and we’re looking for talented, committed professionals who share our passion for scaling up the EV world with the best charging solutions on the market. If you’re interested in our vacancies in Germany, click here: