Our charging product portfolio offers battery-buffered ultra-fast charging solutions for electromobility with up to 320 kW charging power. This enables charging within minutes where the grid performance is too low for fast charging. We set a global standard with this extremely compact, super-silent solutions.


ADS-TEC Energy’s ChargeBox offers energy storage and energy conversion for all voltage levels of on-board traction power systems. It’s backward compatible for existing e-vehicles from 200 V and offers future-proof compatibility for new vehicles up to 920 V. The ChargeBox offers an integrated inverter, climate control, an energy management unit, security/firewall and a communication unit via mobile radio. It uses a direct AC connection to distribution grids at 400 V level. It’s the world’s most compact battery storage system in its class. With an installation area of only 17.2 sq ft, the ChargeBox requires just 15% of the space of comparable fast charging systems with a connected medium-voltage system.


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Charges in minutes, not hours

Electro mobility is limited not because of low energy capacity but due to low power from the grid. Battery buffered DC charging bridges that gap because it can be done in minutes, even on low-power grids. ADS-TEC Energy’s intelligent and scalable battery-based technology platform which provides a quick charge within minutes up to 320 kW. It’s able to carry out ultra-fast charging output power even on a low power (50 kW to 110 kW) grid connection. The ADS-TEC Energy charger works with an internal battery buffer. The buffer is filled from the existing grid on a lower power rate. As soon as the car shows up to be recharged, the available grid power can be boosted to 320 kW by using the buffered energy in the charger.

No grid upgrades required

Among its advantages, battery buffered ultra-high power chargers ideally complement local renewable energy sources nearby. They also often have substantially lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than grid-connected DC fast chargers that require a grid upgrade. Independency from the grid network enables durable and constant output performance of up to 320 kW.

Small, compact footprint, with low noise

The ADS-TEC Energy solution is a low-noise, compact unit with one of the smallest footprints, and can be rapidly deployed, anywhere. The technology is not limited to e-mobility, but also has the potential to serve residential and commercial/industrial developments and protects existing infrastructure while offering energy storage and management platforms for the future.

Contributes to a stable energy supply

Managing the transition to a mostly electric energy system will be driven by regenerative energy sources such as solar, wind and water. Given the intermittency of these sources, a distributed intelligent ecosystem platforms like ADS-TEC Energy’s provides the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing electricity demand patterns of consumers, daily peaks in electricity consumption, and helps to enable a self-sufficient, off-grid energy supply.


The ADS-TEC Energy ChargeTrailer is the world's most powerful mobile high power charging system in the form of a truck trailer. The 1.9 MWh trailer allows ten electric vehicles to charge simultaneously with 320 kW each in a couple of minutes. Its functionality is designed to also charge larger vehicle fleets in preferably short time at locations with limited power supply or in island mode without any grid connection. The compact and flexible concept enables fast assembly and disassembly. It’s a great power supply solution for a wide variety of environments including:

  • Power and energy supply
  • Temporary charging infrastructure
  • During holiday periods on high-traffic routes
  • For driving events of electrified vehicles
  • For marketing or press events
  • As a charging opportunity at festivals


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Commercial & Industrial

The Commercial & Industrial product portfolio addresses the area of large systems and infrastructures. Services and storage capacities cover ranges between 50 kW / 50 kWh and several MW / MWh. The modular structure and the comprehensive IT management system provide an almost unlimited scaling system.


The scalable battery system for outdoor use offers many added values through optimal network utilization. The focus is not only on the supply of fast charging stations in the power-limited distribution grid, but also on the function as a neighborhood storage and swarm solution.
The strengths of the PowerBooster lie in the combination of self-consumption optimization (in conjunction with a PV system), peak shaving, EV charging, emergency power supply and semi-off-grid applications.

Storage Rack System

Our Storage Rack System is a scalable battery system. It consists of numerous parallel battery systems as individual »battery string« or alternatively as a »battery cluster« for high energy quantities.

Storage Container System

We supply custom battery systems for large-scale applications as 20 or 40 foot container solutions. It’s a scalable storage solution with several megawatts per container (up to approx. 10 MWh).